In our steadily growing real estate portfolio there are commercial, residential and holiday properties in Europe, Africa and America. We are one of the first companies in the world to acquire real estate in whole or in part by paying with a digital currency (YEM). Thanks to the use of blockchain-based smart contracts, we enable people from all over the world to participate in the success of our real estate with the lowest possible sums. In addition, we accept rent payments in YEM when renting our real estate portfolio. This does not only contributes to a rental price stability, but also to a financial relief for our tenants.


Investing in real estate usually means investing a larger amount of money. This is different with TWNKL ESTATE. Here we have a solution for everyone to get cheap and efficient access to real estate that is distributed worldwide. Whether fractional or entire properties, the decision is up to you. In combination with a secure blockchain technology, contracts and transactions are many times more convenient than with other providers.


Experts expect blockchain technology to change many industries. We have already started to develop solutions for real estate, energy, mobility, tourism and commerce. Insurance companies, mail order chains, health care and contracts of all kinds can also be managed much more efficiently. Blockchain technology will affect our lives, cut costs and save time. For example, renting a rental car or a holiday home can be fully automated in a matter of seconds. Digital tokens can replace vouchers and secure claims.



The Twnkl Gold Coin is the best way to buy digital gold (backed with 100% real physical gold). With TGC we have access to .999 finest gold, which offers a cheap and secure alternative for your investment. You have access to your gold from anywhere and can even buy with it.

  • StartNovember 2020

  • LanguageEnglish

  • Statusavailable


Our healthcare today is focused on diseases. Hospitals, Doctors, Medicines, Therapies … The pharmaceutical industry is making billions of dollars in medicines to cure us, but we believe it’s much better not to get sick first. A balanced, healthy diet, a good dose of exercise, and a positive attitude to yourself and your body are the keys to supporting and maintaining our health. We are involved in several companies that develop healthy and effective products for humans, animals and nature with the help of international experts. And because water is the basis of our body, we promote technologies that really make our daily used water healthy.



























Sport moves crowds, and there are tons of athletes. Only very few people make it to the top of their sport, become champions or represent their country in the Olympics or championships. We have set ourselves the task of accompanying young talented athletes and teams on their journey and supporting them with innovative strategies to achieve their goals. From aspiring boxing talent to ice dancing couples to football teams – we choose our partners for their potential, not their economic success so far












Fintech is a new finance industry that uses technology to improve financial activity. Crowdfunding, crowdfunding, transactions, financing, hedging, investments and other financial services are just some of the areas where new digital technologies bring more speed, lower costs and greater security. With the acquisition of a German crowdfunding platform we underline our claim to be a pioneer in the development of new application possibilities. Similarly, there is a mobile payment system in development that manages without a smartphone or other devices on the user side.


Holidays are the best time of the year and we make planning and booking holidays easier and safer through the use of innovative technologies. Already vacationers can book apartments with the digital currency YEM. A holiday club with exclusive offers is in preparation. The industry also wants to experience a change in the next few years and our goal is to set new standards here as well.


The energy market is in transition and more and more it is becoming apparent that a self-sufficient supply of households, factories and vehicles with renewable energy is possible. We invest in technologies that include not only power generation but also electricity storage, delivery and billing. The goal is a significant cost reduction, comprehensive coverage even in the event of disasters and the independence of electricity companies.


There are many talented singers, actors, musicians, artists and comedians. With our entertainment subsidiary we want to promote these talents and prepare them for a stage. At the same time, we are committed to fair compensation systems and use novel digital marketing strategies to bring our artists worldwide exposure. We are proud that well-known artists from Europe and the USA have joined us, including several international casting show winners.


The shopping shifts more and more to the Internet, which of course only affects the selection and the ordering process. Ordered goods are delivered or picked up millions of times. On the one hand, this development leads to complete new sales channels, on the other hand, new marketing strategies are required to attract customers, retain customers and increase sales and profits. Our projects develop modern customer loyalty programs that go far beyond earning points and cashback.


Waste mountains are growing worldwide, with water bottles made of plastic accounting for a not insignificant proportion. We invest in the development of technologies that address both ends: on the one hand the worldwide supply of clean, healthy drinking water, and on the other hand the environmentally friendly recycling of plastic waste. The aim is to reduce the amount of waste and at the same time promote targeted recycling.


The internet is a great invention – no question! Unfortunately, it is now often shamelessly exploited to turn people into pure data providers. Not only will credit cards, bank details and addresses be stolen, but entire identities will be used to monetize them and use them for spam or malware. Together with our members, we develop an environment in which everyone can feel safe, have fun and do their daily things on the Internet. In order to keep this zone safe from attacks, some precautions have been taken. One of them is the SAFEZONE passport. It allows you to gain access to all our services and partners. We think the time has come for a better internet.


SAFEZONE is a worldwide network of sites and members protected by a secure environment. Hackers, malware, have no place here. As it grows, it offers something for everyone to do the daily things on the Internet without being spied on.



MoneyPon is a new generation of global gift cards. It can be redeemed at participating online shops all around the world and it is 100% protected from theft, fraud, and misuse.

You can print it as a gift card, print it as a voucher, redeem it on a website, or send it by email.

No matter if by email, by post, or in person – a MoneyPon is always protected. Only the valid recipient can redeem the MoneyPon by simply identifying with a personal PIN.




You always wanted to buy your dream car, but couldn’t afford it until now? Then here is your chance. At TwnklCars you can sign a Smart Contract that allows you to buy your dream car at a very affordable price. Simply use the TWNKL Mobility Coin (TMC) and reserve your dream car today.

  • StartOctober 2019

  • LanguageEnglish

  • Statusavailable

SOLARIO is a project dedicated to the energy problem in the world. In recent months, the Solario team has established partnerships across the energy sector, enabling Solario to offer even more renewable energy solutions for all our energy needs. While the Solario project initially focused on solar energy, there is much potential for wind, hydrogen and other revolutionary technologies to join the Solario energy family. Exciting times are coming and we will release more updates as they become available.














As a member of the International Vacation Club (IVC) you can plan your holiday or luxury trip in advance and reserve it on the basis of a Smart Contract. In addition, there are various additional services available to make your trip even more comfortable and enjoyable. If you would like to fly a private jet, you can do so with us now. Save up to 95% on your IVC booking today.

  • StartNovember 2019

  • LanguageEnglish

  • Statusavailable


At PRIZE MANIA you have the chance to win a prize up to 140 times every day. Every 10 minutes a random winner will be drawn. The only thing you need to do is participate for free. You can win ebooks, smartphones, jewelry, surprise prizes and even cash prizes from the cash or YEM jackpots. Since 2012 more than 100000 winners have been drawn. PRIZE MANIA is and will always be free. There are no unsolicited spam mails and your data will not be given to any third party.

  • StartJune 2012

  • LanguageEnglish

  • Statusavailable


In the TWNKLSHOP you can suggest your favorite brand products and get them at favorable conditions. Be it TV sets, furniture, gadgets, watches, cameras, etc. As long as the product has a value over 500 USD, you have a good chance that it will be included in the shop. All you have to propose is it to the TWNKLSHOP community and get over 250 votes.

  • Start: August 2018

  • LanguageEnglish

  • Statusavailable


Cashback Marketing is a project dedicated to marketing throughout the Safezone. As an entrepreneur, you have the opportunity to advertise your products throughout the network. A cashback system allows you to let unused marketing units work for you.

  • Start: March 2016

  • LanguageEnglish

  • Statusavailable


TWNKLSOCCER offers you a great opportunity to participate in free sports betting. You only bet on results and can win YEM. There is no deposit option, only winnings of up to 10 million YEM.

  • Start: June 2018

  • LanguageEnglish

  • Statusavailable


All transactions of our coins converge on our YEMCHAIN. The private blockchain allows you to make 100% secure, 100% private, 100% transparent, 100% almost, 100% cheap, 100% legal and 100% convenient transactions. With our stable YEM (Your Everyday Money) base currency, we strive to implement a broad economy that everyone can use for themselves. Hackers, dumpsters and fraudsters stay outside.

  • Start: July 2018

  • LanguageEnglish

  • Statusavailable


The entire Safezone is built on the idea that members can become actively involved and participate in the development of projects. That’s why the Think Tank was set up, where you can post your ideas and work them out with others. There is a reward for every idea that is realized. You can also volunteer as a team leader and lead the implementation of your or another idea. Join us, share your expertise and shape your future in this ever-growing project.

  • StartJuly 2013

  • LanguageEnglish

  • Statusavailable




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