QUBITTECH Taking a leap towards the Quantum Future!

QUBITTECH Taking a leap towards the Quantum Future!

 QUBITTECH Taking a leap towards the Quantum Future.

The main mission of QubitTech is to provide its users with effective ways to receive royalty payments from the use of quantum technologies.

The main goal of QubitTech is to reach the platform’s capitalization value of 10 billion USDT and grow its user base to more than 10,000,000 users by 2025.



The development ideology of QubitTech implies the creation of its own unified ecosystem based on quantum technologies, as well as the distribution of platform resources among its users.

The main goal of QubitTech is to reach the platform’s capitalization value of 10 billion USDT and grow its user base to more than 10,000,000 users by 2025.

QubitTech already uses the advantages of quantum technologies, gaining a serious advantage over the competition by adopting quantum neural networks data processing and applying the computing power of quantum algorithms. Such implementations allowed to significantly improve the accuracy of analytical data acquired used for development, set up, and adjustments of algorithmic systems, and as well as generally improve the efficiency of platform operations.

Platform Operation

Strategy QubitTech uses direct access to the Bitfinex and Binance exchange platforms, which provide high liquidity and security for servicing the platform’s resources.

QubitTech uses a comprehensive approach to the methods used to operate on the cryptocurrency market, significantly reducing potential risks and maintaining a high level of diversification of the platform’s resources.

Algorithmic Methods Traditional Methods Other Operation Methods Sale of licenses, patents, and software.

The free volume of platform resources may not be used, or maybe used (at the discretion of QubitTech) for other activities in the cryptocurrency markets

Become a user

QubitTech has developed a transparent and fluid communication within its platform structure, which allows QubitTech not just to set the most ambitious goals but to also successfully achieve them within a designated timeframe. 






Our users are professionals and newcomers who want to get rewards and bonuses available to the users of the QubitTech platform, only made possible by the application of technologies of tomorrow and with the synergy of the best talents on the market.

Everyday QubitTech users receive a report with information on the average performance of the platform in the cryptocurrency market, as well as on the results for the reward amount under their digital licenses



Bronze Group
100 USDT
500 USDT
Silver Group
1,000 USDT
5,000 USDT
Gold Group
10,000 USDT
25,000 USDT
Platinum Group
50,000 USDT
100,000 USDT

  • 250% in USDT
    Total result
  • Everyday
    Accrual of reward
  • From 100 USDT
    Minimum amount
  • Up to 25% in USDT
    Monthly result
  • Everyday
    Withdrawal of Rewards
  • From 10 USDT
    Minimum withdrawal

How does It Work?

Digital licenses have a fixed price starting from 100 USDT and can be activated using BTC or ETH. The return of the initial license’s cost is included in the reward paid under the license. Daily reward is a variable percentage (up to 2% per day). The reward on the digital license is accrued in USDT.
The total reward on any digital license is limited to 250%. After reaching the target result of 250%, the digital license is automatically deactivated.
The weekly withdrawal limit is equal to the chosen license’s cost (for example weekly withdrawal limit for a digital license’s cost of 1000 USDT will be set to 1000 USDT).

Affiliate Program Conditions

Direct Bonus
7% / 3% / 1%
Binary Bonus
Matching Bonus
Ranks & Rank Bonuses
Quick Start Bonus

Affiliate Program

Up to 8% and 4 lines
Direct Bonus
Up to 100,000 USDT
Rank Bonus
Up to 20%
Matching bonus
Up to 12%
Binary Bonus


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