The Impossible and unthinkable Endless Opportunities

The Right Timing

Our doors are open to create a new beginning. We aligned possibilities using advanced algorithms in the financial market because, in the forex market, time is money.

The Right Team

The CFX visionary team is committed to delivering exceptional results, focused being one step ahead. We are building an FX trading platform for the long-term, setting up the standard to change the fortune of future generations to come!

The Right Technology

A completely unique approach to EA (Forex software) and AI development. Outstanding results, closely monitored and measured by the CFX trading team of dedicated professionals. No White-label or 3rd party technology employed.


The complex world of Forex just got a lot easier with Cash Forex Group

The 5 trillion dollar a day forex attracts millions of people with a shared dream of financial freedom. Cash Forex Group is artfully combining the technical expertise required for forex success, with a dedicated corporate team, state-of-the-art headquarters and a passion for helping those with a strong desire to improve their lives.

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We have developed much more than an online forex learning center. CFX has combined Academy learning with real forex success with our Trade Contracts. CFX members may choose to participate in the CFX automated trading platform and benefit from all CFX trade technology while they progress through their Trade Academy packs curriculum. Learning at your own pace has never been so rewarding. You can earn while you learn.



Knowledge is the foundation of your future success. The CFX Academy will be your partner in maintaining your foundation for a lifetime of financial success.



With your foundation in place, develop the skills of a profitable trader so you are taking the proper actions when the time is right.



Imagine having the skills required to understand and profit in the largest financial market in the world. Graduating through the CFX Academy will be one of your most valued lifetime achievements.

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Key Platform features that set us apart in the forex marketplace

computer showing trading platform

Fast Payments

Fast Payments

Experiencing Trading success from the CFX platform is critically important to all our members, equally important is being able to access trading gains. CFX makes using Forex gains easy for all, regardless of your technical abilities!

Layerd Security

Layered Security

Our passion is to assist you in your success; however, our technicians also make sure all platforms are protected with state-of-the-art security ensuring long-term results for our global membership.

Proprietary Technology

Proprietary Technology

EA’s and other trading technology is designed exclusively at CFX by our own team of experts. All systems are developed and refined exclusively for CFX member use.

Transparent Reporting

Transparent Reporting

Access trade results easily and check CFX historical trade results. WebTV with up to date trade ticker in member back-office! And Copy trade connect you directly to our results.


1. Register Open your Cash FX Account and join us.
2. Login Confirm your info and complete your login
3. Fund Through Bitcoin payment, fund your account
4. Learn


Welcome To The CFX Online Learning Center

The successful 5.3 trillion Forex Market now available to 8 billion people.

Financial Success

The power of connection

Empowering the CFX family with the knowledge and financial success to change the world around them.



If you have the desire to change your future, we have the tools to make you successful.



Virtual is the new classroom, borders and boundaries cannot limit your success any longer.

Knowledge can take you anywhere

By combining our team of dedicated experts with our powerful Academy learning platform, CFX members can reach their goals more quickly and easily than previously possible.

The foreign exchange market, most exciting and captivating markets in the financial world. From Central banks, and the global banking community, to national governments. From multinational corporation to tens of millions of home-based traders, forex is for everyone.

The CFX Academy ensures the best possible chance of success for experienced traders and those brand new to forex.

Trading Academy Plans

eLearning With An Advantage

Our academy is perfect for the brand-new trader and for those who have been in business for some time but have not yet managed to find their own successful path in forex. We offer a unique perspective that you won’t find any place else.

The benefit of learning takes on an entirely new meaning when you can secure your financial future in the process. That is our key advantage with the CFX Academy! The benefits of learning online are obvious; access your curriculum anytime you like, learn when it is best for you and watch easy to follow videos from your own tablet, phone or laptop.

Video Courses


Live Webinars


Interactive Quizzes


Responsive Platform




We designed a platform to take both beginners and knowledgeable traders to a new level of success, teaching fundamental skills and competencies, tools and mindset necessary to become consistently profitable.

The difference between START and STOP is how much dedication you put on it, and trading is dedication.

We converged a great team and a platform with creative methods and extraordinary ways to allow our students to line up in their goals. The foreign exchange market, worldly known as forex or FX is one of the most astonishing, fast-moving and captivating markets in the financials. Notorious to be the domain of broad institutions, high wealth individuals and central banks, the internet has allowed everyone to participate in the multi-online currency trading.

Who Is It For

The different new is knocking on your door

Our main focus is on technical analysis. We offer you a realistic and safe perspective, without magic formulas or false expectations. The full courses comes with videos, interactions, quizzes to advance and lessons prepared by a highly educated team of experts in the Forex Market. If you are still looking for a way to turn your trading from a hobby into a profitable endeavor, it is worth getting to know us.

This academy is for everyone:

  • Seeking financial independence
  • Who wants to better understand how financial markets work
  • People who have improved their knowledge and learned to operate correctly
  • Interested in reading graphs and technical analysis of financial asset prices
  • Anyone who wants to understand better and start on the financial markets

CFX Educational Benefits

Develop Skills

Develop skill
with people

forex training

Provides high quality forex training

forex markets

Enhance the quality of your current understanding of the forex markets

mobile friendly

Facilitate access and mobility; our Academy works on all devices to improve your progress

return on your time invested

Ensured improvement for a better forex experience and return on your time invested

CFX Trading Program

CFX EA (Expert Advisor) algorithms, AI technology and professional forex trading team working together, create an extraordinary FX trading platform. All CFX technology is managed by our own trade technicians.

We have completed over 40,000 successful payouts, proving to our satisfied customers a new way to profit in business.

Full Transparency

CFX is a promoter of transparency and ethical practices through the MLM and trading industry.

For this reason, we have developed a WebTv tool as a model for showing trading execution in real-time through the portal members and advanced technology to provide high-end fastest – reliable service to our CFX family that meets both customer demands and ethical standards.

Trade Academy Packs

There’s a perfect pack for you

Academy Plans

Academy 240

Modules 1 & 2
Teaches both the fundamental of Forex trading, as well as the technical and underlying concepts behind it.

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Academy 900

Module 1 & 4
These courses also provide a solid introduction to Japanese candlesticks and underlying concepts behind it.

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Elemental Plans

Academy Pack 300

Academy Pack 90
Trade Pool Deposit 210
Leadership Program 150PV

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Academy Pack 300

Academy Pack 150
Trade Pool Deposit 350
Leadership Program 250PV

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Academy Pack 300

Academy Pack 300
Trade Pool Deposit 700
Leadership Program 500PV

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Academy Pack 300

Academy Pack 600
Trade Pool Deposit 1,400
Leadership Program 1,000PV

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Academy Pack 300

Academy Pack 900
Trade Pool Deposit 2,100
Leadership Program 1,500PV

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Advanced Plans

Academy Pack 300

Academy Pack 1,500
Trade Pool Deposit 3,500
Leadership Program 2,500PV

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Academy Pack 300

Academy Pack 2,100
Trade Pool Deposit 4,900
Leadership Program 3,500PV

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Academy Pack 300

Academy Pack 3,000
Trade Pool Deposit 7,000
Leadership Program 5,000PV

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Academy Pack 300

Academy Pack 4,500
Trade Pool Deposit 10,500
Leadership Program 7,500PV

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Academy Pack 300

Academy Pack 6,000
Trade Pool Deposit 14,000
Leadership Program 10,000PV

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Supreme Plans

Academy Pack 300

Academy Pack 9,000
Trade Pool Deposit 21,000
Leadership Program 15,000PV

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Academy Pack 300

Academy Pack 12,000
Trade Pool Deposit 28,000
Leadership Program 20,000PV

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Academy Pack 300

Academy Pack 15,000
Trade Pool Deposit 35,000
Leadership Program 25,000PV

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Academy Pack 300

Academy Pack 21,000
Trade Pool Deposit 49,000
Leadership Program 35,000PV

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Academy Pack 300

Academy Pack 30,000
Trade Pool Deposit 70,000
Leadership Program 50,000PV

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Trading Forex Is For Everyone

There are several reasons why you should opt for the FX over other markets. It is larger than any other and with way more liquidity. We can tell you dozens of benefits of forex trading, but the main one: it is for everyone. With our Trading Academy and automated system you will have access to deep analysis and strategies from great minds, in order for you to have the success you’ve always longed for, because now the wait is over.

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