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About Final Auto-faucet

This Site Allows you to Claim many different types of cryptocurrencies in a single tab! You just have to register, enter your crypto addresses and choose the cryptocurrencies you want to claim.

What is Final Auto-faucet ?

Final Auto-faucet is a Enhanced Cryptocurrency Faucet available in mobile & desktop that allows users to earn Crypto by playing games, completing surveys, offers & short-links tasks.

How it’s works ?

Final Auto-faucet works like many auto-faucets, it allow you to get automatically paid, the difference between this auto-claims & others is that permits you to claim up to 48 cryptocurrencies automatically in the same page & permits you to choose where you want receive your coins. More Information by checking “PAYMENT” FAQ section.

Is Final Auto-faucet Legitimate ?

Final Auto-faucet is a completely legitimate website, paying more than hundreds of dollars to users every day. You can check out our payment proof on TrustPilot or FoxyRating.

How can i start using this site ?

After Registering & Validating your Account, you will just have to set your addresses by clicking on the “SET YOUR ADDRESSES” button, then go to the dashboard page , select coins that you want, choose your favorite payment method & finally click on “START AUTOFAUCET” button.

DUTCHY Token is what you earn by doing tasks, surveys or playing games (There is a Free Roll each 30 minutes), then he is used for run the auto-faucet, you can see DUTCHY as the time available for claiming.Example: a 4 minute claim cost 4 DUTCHY , so if you select 6 coins (Except Btc) , it will cost 4×6 so 24 DUTCHY per refresh.

DUTCHY tokens can be converted for any cryptocurrency available on the website, or used for PTC or Banners advertising campaigns.

How can i earn DUTCHY token ?You will receive DUTCHY Token by :

  • – Doing Short-links Tasks :
    This site have a Enhanced Shortlinks Wall that permits to users voting for these favorite shorteners, this system permits to have best short-links access directly !

  • – Playing Gambling games :
    Roll each 30 minutes (100% chance of win) or Flip Game.
  • – Doing Offers & Surveys tasks :
    We works with many Surveys & Offers Service who will permits to earn More with just one tasks done.
  • – Levelling Up :
    Each users can increase this level by doing tasks, he will receive automatically DUTCHY after each important levels reach (Example : Level 5,10,15,20 will gives you DUTCHY)
  • – Winning Contest:
    There is A Daily & A Weekly Contest, each will reward the 10 most actives Users , during a 24h timeframe for the Daily Contest (reset at midnight server time) , 7 days timeframe for the Weekly Contest (reset each Monday midnight server time). Contests are based to the XP earned by users.

  • – Inviting your Friends:
    Each Users that you refer will gives you 20% of DUTCHY amount that he earn.

      • Can i Withdraw DUTCHY token ?

        Yes! By going to the Balance Page & Clicking on EXCHANGE, on this page you will be abled to sell your DUTCHY for any cryptocurrencies Available in the Site. This system permits you to earn DUTCHY, then exchange for coins & finally withdraw directly , like a classic (Non-Auto) Faucet !

  • Can i Withdraw DUTCHY token ?

    Yes! By going to the Balance Page & Clicking on EXCHANGE, on this page you will be abled to sell your DUTCHY for any cryptocurrencies Available in the Site. This system permits you to earn DUTCHY, then exchange for coins & finally withdraw directly , like a classic (Non-Auto) Faucet !

    • This site Provides 3 different payment Methods (or Modes):

      • – ExpressCrypto.io Mode :
        By Choosing the Express Crypto Mode as Payment Method , you will receive payments on your Expresscrypto.io Account for all coins available in the Express Crypto platform. Other Coins who aren’t on Express crypto will be send in your wallet.
      • – Balance Mode :
        By Choosing the Balance Mode as Payment Method , you will receive all payments on your internal Auto-faucet balance, then you will be able to withdrawing manually by clicking “BALANCE” button.
      • How can i receive my coins automatically ?
      • – FaucetPay.io Mode :
        By Choosing the Faucet-pay Mode as Payment Method , you will receive all payments on your FaucetPay.io Account for BTC, DOGE, ETH, DGB, DASH, BCH & TRX. Other Coins will be send directly in your wallet.

        Can i Quit the page & get auto-claim running ?

        No, Claim Page have to be opened to get auto-claim process running.

          • Have I to stay on the claim page to get auto-claim running ?

            No , don’t need to stay , so you can do your stuffs & keep the page in the background, payment will be send in any case.


        How can i receive my coins available in my balance ?

        Each coins have different withdraw methods available; Faucet-Pay, Express-crypto & Coin-base Methods are instant, so by choosing these methods that will send your coins directly on the platforms if our balances are filled (you can see the Balance status of each coins before withdrawing).

        By Clicking on Withdraw Button with “Blockchain” Selected, you will receive your funds after blockchain required confirmations (it can takes from 1 to 60 minutes). For Bitcoin request, your payment will be marked as “Pending” (Seeing “Withdraw History” Section) & you will receive after 1 week maximum. Before withdrawing, You have to set all your blockchain addresses (+ Message/ Tag for some Coins) that you want Withdraw for each Coins. 

        Set your Wallet Addresses here


        How Achievements Works ?

        This Websites provides daily achievements, each daily achievements can be reached each days , there are reset at midnight server time.

        There is too long-term achievements, who can requiring more tasks but haves better rewards.

        What Boost doing ?

        A Boost permits to you earn more during auto-claiming for a determined timeframe (it can be from 30 minutes to 1 hour).

        How can i earn Boost ?

        Actually You can win boosts by doing short-link tasks or referring your friends.

        Note: Boosts are cleared at midnight Server Time, you need to use your boost before midnight to totally enjoy the reward bonus.

        What Potion Doing ?

        A Potion permits to you earn more XP or DUTCHY after making tasks.

        Note: If you have at least 1 potion, this one will be used automatically after the task, you haven’t to do anything more to use your potions.

        How can i earn Potions ?

        Actually You can win potions by doing jungle surveys tasks & by reaching long-term achievements.

        Note: Your potions are stocked on our database, they will not disappear with the time if you don’t use them.

        GIFT CODES

        Where can I find Gift Codes ?

        We regularly post Gift Codes on our social networks, be sure to follow all your pages to get updated when there is new codes, as the number is limited.

        How can I redeem a Gift Code ?

        You can redeem the Gift Code you have received by clicking the  icon on the Navbar.

        How can i receive Rains ?

        To receiving coins rains you need to be active. To be considered as Active you have to do a least one of these tasks during the last hour:
        Short-link, Offer wall/Surveys, PTC Wall, Surf ads, Roll Games, Dice Game, Toss Game, DUTCHY Exchange, Auto-claiming or Achievement Claim.

        What Rain Bot doing ?

        The Rain Bot send automatically crypto-currencies each hour to 40 active users chosen randomly.

        How can i Rain ?

        You can rain other users with cryptocurrencies from your balance by using the command /rain COIN sat_amount (example /rain BTC 1000 -> It will share your 1000 satoshi to 40 random active users)

        You can see Mininum Amounts to rain for each coins here!

43 Available Coins

Gambling Games

Highest Reward Offers and Shorteners

Referral Up to 20%

Multiple Payments Methods

Loyalty and Level Bonus
Various Contests






All come together with one mission it’s called historic… It

‘s called epic, it’s called genius, it’s called Bitnamix

Bitnamix is the first fully decentralized Bitcoin unilevel and matrix opportunity of its kind in the world!

Bitnamix dynamic opportunity provides all of the above giving you the confidence of knowing your BTC is safe on this award-winning platform

Why Bitnamix? It’s Simple!

We NEVER touch your BTC 

All transactions are real-time and INSTANT

Your privacy is held in 1000% confidence

All transactions are OPEN SOURCE on the World’s Blockchain!

Guaranteed Residual Income for all Members

Who Manages The Platform

The Bitnamix platform consists of self-executing trades, which does not need anyone to manage it.

What Is Bitcoin

Bitcoin (BTC) is the leading cryptocurrency, a form of electronic money, which has existed since 2009. It is a decentralized digital currency that is independent of banks and can be sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin blockchain network without the need for intermediaries.

What Is Decentralized 

The process works based on distributing authority  from a centralized administration to the participants involved in the process. Unlike a centralized system, all decisions are made by consensus.

Where You Can Get More Information About Bitnamix

Subscribe to the verified Bitnamix channel on Telegram. Send any questions to our members, who will be happy to share their experience.

Join the chat on Telegram https://t.me/BitnamixOfficial.

How To Register On Bitnamix Platform

To register with Bitnamix you need to send 0.0006 BTC to activate the 2×2 Matrix, then you need to pay the $25 USD fee for the Monthly Unilevel (paid in Bitcoin.) After that, you can activate additional levels in the 2×2 Matrix.


Bitnamix is already recognized by experts as a true disruptor in the “crypto currency” and online direct marketing space globally.

Bitnamix combines the best of all worlds a Profitability, Sustainability, Trust ability, Accountability & Integrity

What Is Bitnamix

Bitnamix is an international crowdfunding platform and the first to offer a Residual Paying Unilevel and Instant Paying 2×2 Matrix.

It is a self-executing coding in the Blockchain which allows payments to be sent instantly to the users based on the Unlevel or Matrix marketing plan.

NO ONE EVER CAN NOR EVER WILL CHEAT YOU! FULL TRANSPARENCY HERE! With what is considered by many to be the most exciting opportunity to ever launch in history, the right now is the right time…

Who Created Bitnamix

Bitnamix belongs to a group of crypto enthusiasts who are members of the community and don’t have any special privileges. Bitnamix is a peer-to-peer community of platform members.

What You Need To Do In Order To Join The Community

You already have almost everything you need. All that remains is to install on your device (smartphone, tablet, PC) a crypto wallet, have Bitcoin to get started, and activate your Bitnamix account.

Which Wallet Should You Use

Bitnamix works with all crypto wallets. We recommend the Exodus Wallet

What You Need To Do To Create A Bitcoin Wallet

On any device, download and install Exodus Wallet to create your free wallet.

How To Buy/Sell If You’ve Never Dealt With Cryptocurrencies Before!

There are lots of ways to buy/sell cryptocurrencies in exchange for fiat money (regular currencies). They have all been designed for regular users and have user-friendly interfaces.

Your first transaction exchanging fiat money for digital currency will take you no more than five minutes. We recommend using the verified currency exchange aggregator coinbase.com

You Can Register Directly on The Website  Without A Partner Link!
What Will Happen To Your Account If You Take A Break From Working With The Bitnamix Community
The account will always be in the system, but if you take a break and allow your account to become inactive, you will lose out on commissions as you are not continuing to pay the monthly fee. You can always reactivate and return at any time.

Once Activated What To Do Next

In order to effectively interact with Bitnamix, you need to:

Have a chat with whoever invited you or with other experienced members. They will help you take your first steps.

How You Can Reach Your Goals With Bitnamix

It is based on building a partner network. You tell potential partners about the platform’s potential and encourage them to collaborate with you. Partners who use your link are in your direct network.

How Much Can You Earn

The amount of income depends on your activity and the activities of your partners. There is no limit on how much you can earn.

Do You Need To Withdraw Money

The unilevel payments are paid out every night.

Monthly Unilevel 2×2 Matrix and What Are Levels

The Monthly Unilevel has one price point of $25 USD and has 6 available levels you can earn from. Your direct partners join your 1st level. Your 1st level’s partners are placed at your level 2. Your 2nd level’s partners are placed at your level 3. Your 3rd level partners are placed on your level 4. Your 4th level’s partners are placed on your level 5. Your 5th level’s partners are placed on your Level 6. You are paid a percentage of the $25 they each pay each month, this is true residual income. Please note, there is an unlimited amount of partners who can be placed on each and any of the 6 levels. The chart below shows you the payout percentage.

In the 2×2 Matrix there are six places for partners. When a matrix is full, a new one of the same type opens automatically.

The program has 12 levels. Every level costs about twice as much as the previous one and allows you to earn about twice as much.

Can You Lose A Partner Whom You Have Personally Invited

No. It is not possible. Any partner whom you have invited personally is permanently bound to you by the referral link. You can temporarily lose a commission by not paying the monthly $25 fee.

Why You Are Seeing A Partner In The 2×2 Matrix, But Nothing Has Come In Your Wallet!

This can happen in two situations:

 – your partner ended up in the first line of the 2×2 Matrix and your higher-ranked partner received the transaction, while your own income is formed from partners in the second line. You will also receive income from the activity of your partners when they fill their first lines in the 2×2 Matrix.

 – your partner has taken the last place in the 2×2 Matrix and his/her transaction paid for your new matrix. The money went to your higher-ranked partner. You will also receive income from your partners’ repeats.



After registration you will automatically receive a bonus deposit of

0.005 BTC which will include a special plan of accrued interest of 0.1% per day lifelong.

Earnings on the currency and stock market are not available for every investor, because they require not only special knowledge, but also large enough money. This limits the range of investors who can earn in this profitable direction. As investment and trading professionals, we provide the opportunity to participate in global markets for private investors with small capital. By pooling funds into a common pool, our specialists perform hundreds of successful operations per day, thus providing a stable profit for the company and our investors.


Monarch Capital has created investment and income rules for investors.

  • All investors receive a 0.005btc bonus on their deposit.
  • Every day the company has a new rate of return on deposits of 3% per day and above.
  • An investor, having made a contribution to the current interest rate, will receive a daily profit according to his plan.
  • On non-working days (weekends and holidays) there is only one percent profit of 1% on all deposits.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, interest is calculated for life and is automatically paid into your billing account.


Our company will allow earning high income not only for investors but also for partners. Each registered member will receive a unique partner link and, even without personal investment in the Monarch Capital, will be able to profit from attracting new members. You only need to distribute a personal link to thematic resources, forums, social networks and tell about the benefits of cooperation with our company. It is enough to build your referral structure from active participants, after which your profit from the partnership program will reach a completely passive level and will be paid in the long term. You can join the partnership program of the project and you will get 12% profit from direct referrals. If you have an active deposit of $500, then the conditions of earnings will be improved for you, and profits from partnership will be paid on three levels of the structure in the amount of 20%-3%-1%. Join in favorable conditions of cooperation with our company and get high interest earnings with minimal effort!


High-yield investments are a way to obtain a source of constant passive profit. Today there are a lot of directions that allow you to earn big money, but unfortunately, they are available mainly for professionals and holders of large capitals. As for private investors with small amounts of money, the sphere of high earnings is inaccessible for them, but we have decided to change this situation and provide an opportunity for all those who want to earn on the global markets. We are a modern investment company, which finances a diversified portfolio of investments. Our key instruments for earning money are the market for crypto currencies, oil and precious metals. It is these markets that allow for good diversification of funds and significant reduction of risks due to different profitability of instruments. Having distributed our finances, we have developed our own investment system, which in the long term will bring a stable profit.


The modern investment market offers investors a very wide range of options for investing in precious metals. Our company uses all available options for precious metals operations: precious metal purchase in bullion and coins, as well as investment in financial instruments backed by precious metals, ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) funds.


Due to high volatility in recent years, as well as in accordance with many other factors affecting the oil and refined petroleum products pricing policy, investments in this industry represent a high-income opportunity for the experienced investor’s team. Our company keeps its ear to the ground of events 24/7 and operates with its oil and gas investment portfolio as efficiently as possible.


The company has mastered a number of unique methods for assessing the development and cryptocurrencies trading prospects, in which, along with the highly qualified traders’ accumulated experience, self-learning trading systems are used. Together with our own software algorithm development, this can significantly increase the analysis efficiency and the company’s income level.


Registration shall starts from the Main Page where you will need to select the “Join Now” button in the top Menu

.1 up to 2 minutes

Login and introduction To enter your account area, use your Username and Password. Don’t disclose this data (username and password).

2 up to 1 minutes

Creation deposit Open the deposit, while using one of the supported payment systems and watch the balance daily increase.

3 up to 1 minutes

Withdrawal profit Specify your e-wallet number in your account area settings and get regular automatic withdrawals.

4 up to 2 minutes


Official registration                      -YES
Anonymous investment             – YES
Fast start                                           -YES  
Multicurrency deposits              – YES
Auto accrual                                   – YES
Auto withdrawal                          – YES
Multi-level referral program   -YES
Website Protection                     – YES





Weekly passive payments
-Possibility to compound
-You can let your money grow,
without referring
-Start in a Business from only ($10 pack)
-Career plan
-Matrix Commissions (2 x 15 Matrix
Earn a passive income
Buy $10 packs
You will receive $10 advertisement credit on the platform
Earn around 2.5% weekly profits on your packs
For each bought package the funds goes to the trading
fund which is based on Crypto Trading
Currently capital is divided in 3 bots and backings
• nBot: swing trades on EurekaX (USDT pairs)
• Futures bot: day trades/swing trades on Binance USDT-futures
• Bitsgap bot: arbitrage trades on various exchanges
• Backed by ERK, IPX and other crypto holdings of ImpulsX Limited
• Backed by ImpulsX.club training and trading program


ImpulsX Cryptocurrency Exchange


Weekly passive payments
-Possibility to compound
-You can let your money grow,
without referring
-Start in a Business from only ($10 pack)
-Career plan
-Matrix Commissions (2 x 15 Matrix

-Every Monday you’ll see your ROI and commissions
-Withdrawals are done once a day
-You can withdraw in BTC, ETH,USDT, LTC
-You can deposit in BTC, ETH, USDT, LTC


Buying packages already unlocks 4 levels

SILVER – Refer 2 paying users And own min 20 packs Unlock and get paid Until level 8

GOLD – Refer 5 paying users And own min 100 packs Unlock and get paid Until level 12

DIAMOND – Refer 10 paying users And own min 500 packs Unlock and get paid Until level 15

EARNING EXAMPLE You bought 100 packs ($1000), You referred 10 people Directly! Which also bought 100 packs ($1000) $10,000 x 10% = Direct Commission: $1000
Matrix commission from  first 10 people:10 people x 100 packs = 1000 packs x $0.2
Your matrix commission = $200 For EVERY package within your structure, you’ll receive $0.20
Remember that your team will invite other people and you’ll also get spillover from your upline/leader.

You’ll get $0.20 per pack up to 15 levels down!

1. Ask the person who invited you to this business for a registration link
2. Register and buy your first package. You can deposit with BTC, ETH,
4. Ask your upline for a webinar schedule and invite people to ImpulsX
Passive webinars so they can learn everything about this business
3. Start Earning Commissions


ImpulsX Passive System – How to buy a $10 pack (Tutorial)


ImpulsX Facebook:                           https://www.facebook.com/groups/1041942506253206
-ImpulsX Twitter:                            https://twitter.com/ImpulsxOfficial
-ImpulsX Telegram group:       https://t.me/impulsxpassive
-ImpulsX YouTube Channel:   https://www.youtube.com/
channel                                                /UC-rPZkbyaXO_Rz9Vt7sJgUg
-Marketing tools:                         http://madinvestor.net/impulsx


Every Tuesday, Every Thursday AND Every Friday
20:00 CET 13:00 CET AND 20.00 CET

“Compound interest is the
Eight wonder of the world.
He who understands it,
Earns it… He who
Doesn’t… Pays it.”



ImpulsX Passive System – Trading Proof 22-10-2020


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