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Airdrop Digex Coins Worth $113.00



  • ✓Rebates for makers and takers
  • ✓Built-in bots and strategies
  • ✓Trade-mirroring (free)
  • ✓1-second chart
  • ✓Dynamic take-profits
  • ✓Break-even stop-loss
  • ✓No funding fee
  • ✓Staking: up to 0.4% daily
  • ✓1-click trading via templates/Telegram

Zero trading fees

We have entirely got rid of the trading fees and funding fees




No overloads

We process thousands of trades per sec.without any overloads

 Bots and strategies

Built-in customizable bots can make you money while you sleep


We are the first exchange to offer 2FA both via Telegram and Google


You can follow most successful traders and copy their trades


We offer fast and easy way to trade via Telegram

The DIGEX token

You will get DIGEX tokens for free for your trading activity as rebates

Risk management

Built-in tools make it a lot harder to lose much in each trade


Trade battles

You can create a trade battle and invite familiar traders to participate



You can set up templates to launch a strategy with 1 click



Large orders can be transmitted to other exchanges via API



Passive income

Get passive income with staking (up to 0.4% daily

Digex combines liquidity of all major derivatives exchanges

At the moment, we have already connected several of the largest derivatives exchanges via API to Digex to broadcast orders if necessary. We will regularly connect new exchanges at the request of our users in order to provide the highest possible liquidity.


 Why is it much simpler to make money in Digex than in other exchanges?






It is much easier for an ordinary trader to make money in Digex.io than in other exchanges, thanks to:

  • No trade fees and no funding, but rebates to all traders (both makers and takers)

  • Ease of trading – you can open trades with 1 click from the orderbook, while take profit and stop-loss are set automatically

  • Trade automation – its level surpasses the capabilities of any exchanges and automated services and does not require API.

  • 5 – 15 seconds chart, indispensable for scalping. Digex traders see trends much earlier than their counterparts on other exchanges.

  • The possibility of earning passive income with staking (up to 0.5% per day) and trade mirroring.

The Digex exchange allows users to earn profits whether cryptocurrency prices rise of fall, offering leverage up to X125 (X125 leverage means that if you place an order and the price goes in predicted direction by 1%, your profit will be 125% of your order amount).

Our main competitor is the largest derivatives exchange Bitmex, known for its overloads during the strong bitcoin movements, which brings great losses to its traders. We invite all Bitmex traders (as well as users of other exchanges) to give it our exchange a try.






About company

The GetonHealth project pairs the benefits of wellness with the perks of blockchain technology. It offers a wide range of products, including nutrition supplements, anti-aging and skincare products, weight loss products, and more – something for everyone. But a good range of products is not enough and we wanted to push the envelope. Instead of having merely an option to purchase, our clients can be a part of the decision-making process and participate in the creation of product collections. Unlike other wellness companies or e-stores, we are catering to our devoted clients by rewarding them for their participation on the platform and allowing them to choose what they would like to see and buy.

Join us and bring wellness into your life with GetonHealth.

“Wellness is a conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving full potential.”

At Geton Investments, we thrive on the transparency of our ecosystem and to keep things clear, here is a go-to list of our official sources where you can get informed, keep up to date with our latest news and get in touch with our team if needed.

We defied the odds and managed to accomplish a lot, even more than had been planned, in just a year.

And even though we’ve all been struck by the difficulties that shook the economies and public health landscape around the world, our business model and mechanisms have proven to be not only working but also well sought-after.

Keep going, keep growing

Full of excitement, we are entering the new year.

In 2021, we will continue to strive to provide all the members of the Geton ecosystem with new, exciting and lucrative opportunities enabled through highly advanced technological solutions.

Join us in making the new year the best so far.

We wish you good health, much happiness and exceptional growth. In 2021 and beyond.

How to start a business with Geton?

The path towards business success is full of challenges and trials, and even the best of ideas have a hard time proving their worth without proper support from the market and the business ecosystem.

Luckily, there is a better and more stable way for companies with great potential to harness the advantages of a growing network and the perks of the latest technology.

Why should you start a business with Geton?

Introducing an innovative business idea to the market leveraging strong backing from the community comes with obvious benefits.

  • The business development passes all stages – from an idea through proof of concept and to a successfully operating startup company.
  • The project’s token price is regulated according to its development stage and doesn’t rely on market fluctuations.
  • The company and the team are closely connected to stakeholders and backers.
  • Companies selling to selected buyers and buyers purchasing from selected sellers means fewer intermediaries and fewer obstacles in the evolution of a business.


Some of Geton blockchain corporations leveraging asset tokenization and community backing.

So, how to start a business with Geton?

Before reaching our extensive Geton audience, every project must pass the necessary steps to ensure the highest level of product quality and business integrity.

  1. A company or individual presents their business idea with the potential of global reach to the Geton board.
  2. The Geton board of business directors inspects the idea and its potential.
  3. After, the Geton community has their say in deciding whether the idea has potential or not.
  4. Once the community approves it, too, a blockchain corporation is established.
  5. The company assets are tokenized on the blockchain.
  6. The company gets listed on Geton.Instant Beta.
  7. Geton users back the project through Company Prospectus.
  8. The company follows a path of the necessary stages to ensure continuous and sustainable growth with positive returns for backers and investors.

The whole setup process is straightforward and convenient so companies can focus on doing business while the market decides on its worth.

The roadmap to success

If a project goes through the necessary stages of development, its success is guaranteed.

  • The more tokens get distributed, the higher the token price rises.
  • Higher token price attracts more users to the platform.
  • With more users joining the project, the platform increases in value.
  • Further distribution of tokens boosts the token price.
  • Once the tokens are distributed, the platform is owned by backers and self-powered by the blockchain technology.

DPMC, guarantee for growth

Dynamic Price Modeling Concept (DPMC) is a unique feature of Geton. On the one hand, it allows the founders of innovative business ideas to tokenize their business and turn it into a successful company. On the other, it brings an influx of new investors of all capacities to participate in a company’s success without any organizational restrictions.

With DPMC, the price change of a crypto token is calculated with the natural logarithm. This way, the intensity of change (growth) is influenced only by the amount of the market share of the supported project and never by market speculation, hype or irrational price movements.

DPMC thus remains the core mechanism that guarantees the development of a promising business idea of global reach into a successful company. 

Learn more about DPMC >>

Technology, community, and support for best results

Geton believes in innovative startups and the power of their backers. For that, they should earn their worth within a fully transparent, digital and independent ecosystem of equal opportunities.

To date, numerous companies have recognized the potential of crowd-funding, blockchain technology and backing of hundreds of thousands of Geton investors.

Leverage the Geton business ecosystem and the technology running next-era opportunities.

Start a tokenized business >>

How does Geton staking work and what’s in it for you?

In these unprecedented times, it has never been more critical to find stable ways of income and ensure financial stability for every individual.

More and more, the concept of a universal basic income makes sense, and thanks to the blockchain technology, it’s becoming available to the majority of people, regardless of government agendas.

To provide everyone with an opportunity to earn a Universal Basic Income, Geton has developed an advanced and proven token staking mechanism.

With Geton Staking, you’re in control

The Geton ecosystem promotes and empowers innovative business ideas and startups. When you buy a cryptocurrency that supports a specific blockchain-based project, you can earn the right to a Universal Passive Income.

The ecosystem operates with the support of the unique Grossus blockchain. The price of an individual cryptocurrency depends solely on the success of the supported actual project and, unlike usual cryptocurrency projects, not on trading and speculation.

This way, users and holders of crypto tokens can count on more stability and thus control their funds better.


How to earn a Passive Universal Income with Geton?

First, you need to open an account on Geton and deposit funds. In Geton Wallet, you place a stake of the selected amount of the tokens you have in your account.

The selected amount of tokens in the equivalent value of GROSH tokens goes to the Geton System Stake for 100 days. The Geton System calculates and assigns a daily income of 0.5% to 1.25%, depending on the number of tokens you staked in GROSH equivalent.

While you get income daily, the key to staking is waiting. To receive the total amount of tokens in the initial equivalent of GROSH tokens, you need to wait 100 days. If you cancel your stake before that, the Geton System will deduce 45% of your tokens.

You should also note that the number of tokens available for staking does not always meet the user demand, meaning staking is not always available. To check staking availability, go to Stake tab in your account and see the 24 hour Stake, calculated and set by the Geton System every day at 12 pm.

Everything is at stake

Ultimately, it all depends on our actions. And financial stability is no exception. By ensuring your funds grow over time, you can anticipate a nicer future with more opportunities.

Learn more about staking and Universal Passive Income with Geton in our latest video.



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