What is Passive Expert?

Passive Expert started in February 2020 and is a registered UK company that specialises in providing online advertising. The company also carries out trading activities using numerous third-party platforms. Passive Expert offers daily cashback for all investors who purchase advertising packs or otherwise known as adpack’s.

The company sets out a realistic daily rewards program. They do not overstate what is achievable or make any unrealistic promises. Their funds are distributed amongst many other third-party platforms. They do extensive research whilst performing due diligence when researching other platforms, and only deal with other companies that have a track record of honesty, integrity and transparency. If Passive Expert does not make any profit, there can be no rewards or bonuses. However, it is unlikely that this will be the case as their company portfolio is heavily diversified.

This means that the Passive Expert model will be sustainable for the long-term which has been fundamental in its core principal from the very beginning.

Is Passive Expert a Ponzi and Who is the CEO?

No Passive Expert is not a Ponzi scheme. They offer an optional cashback promotion only for certain products that qualify up to a maximum 125% of the purchase price. Any cashback paid comes from genuine company profits. Lee Merritt is the CEO and founder of Passive Expert, from the United Kingdom. He’s spent the last few years as a successful entrepreneur in the crypto space. Having had good and bad experiences, his goal here is to create a platform that is fully transparent, sustainable and honest from the get go. There are no catches, no surprises and all the information is given upfront.

Is it Free to Join? 

There are no hidden fees or yearly memberships once Profit Packs have been purchased.

 How Much Does an Adpack Cost?

 Each pack costs $5 and can be compounded when your balance reaches $5.

What is the Daily Interest for each Profit Pack?

It is impossible to make any guarantees as to how much the daily payouts will be. However, going by what has been paid on a daily basis it is between 0.60%-0.85% per adpack. Each adpack expires once it has reached 125% maturity, this means that you receive your initial deposit back plus 25% interest

What is the Minimum Withdrawal Limit?

Withdrawals are processed in real time and are not manually approved. The CEO has observed that many companies are very keen to take our money when we deposit, but when it comes to paying it back they can often take days. He thinks this is really unfair and is not how it should be. He firmly believes that anyone that is owed money should get it as quickly as possible. So that’s exactly what Passive Expert does. As soon as a withdrawal has been requested, it is sent to you immediately. The minimum withdrawal amount is $10.

What Is Passive Expert

People want passive income. The problem is that real passive income, generated from real trading will generate “unsatisfactory” returns of around 20% per year. If you offer real returns, investors will just ignore your offer. The only way to get people to invest in passive crypto programs is to offer much higher returns than those that can be reliably generated.

Can You Make Money With Passive Expert?

Absolutely! It will last long enough for most people to get achieve ROI on their investment. The problem is that as time goes on, people will start to trust Passive Expert and start investing more and more. If you are going to invest, you should do it now and have everything withdrawn at around the 6 month mark. Any longer than that and the risk goes up exponentially.

Ad Pack Product

Pack Price: $5.00
Maturity: 125%
Maximum packs: No Limit
Daily Payouts of up to 1%
10 Ad Credits

The advertising credits will allow you to place a log in advertisement banner, which displays to other users when they log in. NOTE: As time goes on, there will be too many ads to display, which means that users will never even receive all of the ad displays that they have purchased with the credits. Furthermore, these ads typically have extremely poor conversion rates. In reality, nobody will care. The only reason that people will join Passive Expert is to get 125% ROI and referral commissions.

Compensation Plan

Simple and Quite Sustainable
8% on level 1
3% on level 2

A Proven Model

You can predict quite accurately how long a passive crypto program will last. This makes it very easy to make money, because it takes away any nasty surprises. MPT have proven that it is possible to last 1.5 years using this model. 

How Do I Register?

Click the link below to sign up and get started on PASSIVE EXPERT.



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